Lost Again

Lost Again is a Windows PC interactive story experience for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality platform
It is built in Unity3D using C#

Gameplay Video:


2 week project, rapid prototyping, conceptualizing, 2 iterations- one interim and one final submission

Interdisciplinary team of 5, collaboration, communication

  • Programmers and Co-Producers
    • Swapnil Mengade
      • Timelines for Mom’s animations, guest’s camera triggers
      • Integrating Oculus Rift to Unity 3D
      • Using Oculus Rift’s controller inputs, microphone inputs, haptic feedback
      • Triggers for game objects and timeline switching and interacting
      • Camera visuals like eye blinks, glitches, credits
      • Ingredient manager, mixer controller, trigger and collision controller scripts
      • Importing art models and animations and using them
      • Adding sounds to timelines and triggers
      • Collaborated with everyone for level designing and gameplay
      • Resolving conflicts and maintaining project on perforce
    • Yu-Kai Chiu
  • Artists
    • Yanyu Tong
    • Xinyu Wang
  • Sound Designer
    • Kristian Tchetchko


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Made for the partial fulfillment of the Building Virtual Worlds course at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center