“BZZAP!” is a local 4 player experience, a new take on basketball with frisbee balls! In this game you’ll compete on teams of 2, gliding, diving, rolling, passing, and ramming into each other (Bz-Zap-ing) to steal the charge to get the charge in the opposing team’s hoop. The game features a tutorial video as well as a control layout for new players to pick up the game quickly and dive into the fun! So grab your controllers and get ready to BZZAP!

Gameplay Trailer:

Gameplay Video:

This game was built as a part of the Project Condors.

Project Condors

The Condors are a semester long team at Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). We are working on pioneering and prototyping a new way to enjoy the game of basketball; capturing the essence of the game and re-imagining it in an easily accessible way.

This project is in conjunction with Visual Concepts, the studio responsible for NBA 2K, the world’s best basketball simulation game franchise. Through NBA 2K, Visual Concepts has already explored a variety of different game modes including head-to-head, story-based, card collecting, and more. Thus, we pitched our new ideas to them, and have been prototyping the selected designs to provide a more out-of-the-box type of game.

Links to our final product!

Project Website:


  • Programmer
    • Swapnil Mengade
      • Multi player Xbox Controllers interfacing and controls
      • Movement mechanics, physics, collisions, interactions, animation controllers, and sound controllers
      • Camera controls, switching and movements
      • UI implementation, player customization, game flow manager
      • Importing art models, sounds and particle effects and using them
      • Collaborated with everyone for level designing and game-play
      • In game data capture and statistics to improve level design and game-play
      • Unity named array elements tool
      • Resolving conflicts, debugging, building and maintaining project on perforce
  • Game Designers
    • Julian Ochoa
    • Xuejun (Sally) Wang
  • Artists
    • Healthy Moeung
    • Xinyu (Mimi) Wang
  • Producer
    • Omar Cheikh-Ali