Masters of Shakti

Games are a media which take us closest to the fantasy world because while playing or controlling the character it is like living the character’s life. Feeling the aesthetics of the game world is like living in a fantasy world. I want everyone to be a part of such a world and experience it and enjoy it. That is why I want to make this game and let everyone live the life a hero who emerged from disappointment to become one of the greatest warriors of all time just like most people want to escape from their daily routine life and do something different, something impossible, I want everyone to live the adventurous life and emerge victorious. Such is the main motivation behind the game Masters of Shakti.

Documentation for this game:

Masters of Shakti- Story Bible

Masters of Shakti- Game Design Doc

Competitive-Analysis-Masters of Shakti

Production-Schedule-Masters of Shakti

Other documents related to game designing:

High Concept Document

SWOT- Blizzard Entertainment